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Как Я Делаю Уроки

Опубликовано: 31.03.2017

видео Как Я Делаю Уроки


Уверенными шагами веб вошёл в нашу жизнь. Ещё 10 годов назад мы только что начинали узнавать о соц сетях, на данный момент нас стращает offline. Да-да, нам просто нужно быть online, читать анонсы друзей, постить фото, комментировать их, набирать лайки, читать происшествия, глядеть видюшки, слушать музыку и т.д. Трудно представить жизнь 21 века без такового величавого изобретения как Веб. Ниже сочинение на британском языке о роли веба в нашей жизни.

Как Я Делаю Уроки

What is the Internet for me? I can say Internet is my second home, not real, of course, but virtual. It’s a reality of modern life: we can’t imagine our existence without the use of www (World Wide Web). It’s a pity but people are obsessed with the idea of being online. And I’m not an exception. I use vkontakte, facebook, twitter, instagram. I’m an active user of all these social networking sites. I chat with my friends, play online games, listen to music and watch funny videos. I have the Internet in my phone. For one хэнд, it’s cool that I can watch news when I go by bus/train/metro. From the other хэнд, I notice that I’m keen on the Internet. If I have nothing to do, I open my phone/laptop and surf the Internet. Sometimes I don’t even take the time. The Internet impacts my life.

Короче говоря, я решил сделать уборку

The Internet has pros and cons. Of course, for me the Internet is a great pleasure. Thanks, developers of it! But I understand that the Internet can influence us both positively and negatively. First of all I tell about a positive side of the Internet. I can communicate with any person from any part of the world. I have friends in various countries so it’s easy to talk with them by skype or viber for instance. The Internet helps me to prepare my lessons. I seek for additional material practically every day. I can find almost everything in the web. So cool, now I needn’t to spend many hours in libraries as my parents spent. I like shopping online and with the help of the Internet is a real pleasure. I order cloths and other items on aliexpress.

The Internet is a great thing! I’m happy to live in the 21st century with all modern technologies and devices.